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Increasing IVF Success at Lower Cost

IVF is the most effective treatment for infertility, but the high cost and the uncertainty of outcome may keep women like you from trying. We here at the Seth Levrant M.D., P.C. dba Partners in Reproductive Health want to reduce stress and financial risk so that you can make confident decisions about your treatment and succeed in building a healthy family.

We are excited to offer our patients their personalized Univfy PreIVF Report that provides an accurate, personalized prediction about your chances of success with IVF using your unique health data, not national estimates.  With this we can also offer realistic financial options to increase your chances of having a baby with IVF.

What is the MyIVFBaby.com Refund Program?

The MyIVFBaby.com Refund Program is designed to help you save critical time and money, while increasing your chances of having a healthy baby.

Patients who are eligible for our program are offered three IVF cycles at a reduced price and a guaranteed 50% refund if you do not have a live birth after three tries. Each cycle in the program includes use of all available frozen embryos.

What is the PIRH Discount Program?

Patients who are eligible for our discount program are offered a discounted fee that includes up to 2 IVF retrievals and up to 4 embryo (fresh or frozen ) transfers to have a live birth.  This program is designed to ease the uncertainties around IVF and make IVF care more accessible, and affordable.  Even with the best treatment, it usually takes more than one IVF cycle to achieve a successful pregnancy.  Knowing that several rounds are covered by your plan can eliminate worry and allow you to commit to the full treatment plan.  The PIRH Discount Program allows you to have multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee.

Who is Eligible for the Refund and  Discount Programs?

Partners in Reproductive Health can offer the MyIVFBaby.com Refund or PIRH Discount programs or to over 70% of our patients, while most other fertility clinics qualify very few patients. We can expand our program because the Univfy PreIVF Report provides highly accurate, personalized predictions of each individual patient’s IVF success.

Univfy analyzes many factors that impact your chances of success, including age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results, semen analysis, reproductive history and clinical diagnosis. We do not limit refund eligibility based on age or blood test cut-offs. Univfy has shown that more patients have a higher probability of IVF success that previously thought. With the Univfy PreIVF Report, the MyIVFBaby.com Refund Program can qualify many more patients.

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