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Evaluation of Infertility

Your initial infertility consultation with Dr. Seth Levrant will include obtaining a comprehensive medical history about you and your partner.  Dr. Levrant will then provide an explanation of reproductive biology, also known as the quick high school biology review.  This is followed by an explanation of the following tests, which are performed to determine the possible etiology or etiologies for why you have not conceived.

Most tests are done at specific times during the woman’s menstrual cycle.  If you have already done any of these tests, please bring a copy to your office visit.   Once these tests are completed, you will meet with Dr. Levrant to review the findings and discuss your treatment options.

Basal Body Temperature Charting is often the first step in a woman’s evaluation.  This test requires taking your temperature, every morning, before doing any activity. The Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart allows us to retrospectively determine if you ovulated.  Many women find the BBT to be intrusive and a constant reminder of infertility.  There are better options, so if you have been doing BBTs, throw away your thermometer!

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