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The goal of our entire staff at Partners in Reproductive Health is to work with you, to support you, and to care for you in your quest to build your family.

IVF Staff

Dr. IvanovicMilica Ivanovic, BA, BS.  Embryologist

Milica has been an embryologist for more than fifteen years and is well trained in all aspects of embryology, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection, laser assisted hatching, blastocyst culture, embryo and oocyte vitrification and embryo biopsy.  She updates her skills regularly and recently completed the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s rigorous Embryology Certificate Course.  She has worked with Dr. Seth Levrant since 2004, and has been his senior embryologist since 2009.  Milica is a highly dedicated and superlative embryologist with delicate hands who has given us excellent fertilization rates and pregnancy success.  Milica is also the general supervisor at the Andrology Laboratory Services in Chicago and has special expertise in strict sperm morphology, sperm processing for TESA, MESA and cryptozoospermic specimens for routine IVF and ICSI procedures.

Dr. JeyendrenR S Jeyendren, DVM, MS, PhD, HCLD.  IVF Lab Director

Dr. “Jey” has been the off-site IVF lab director for Partners in Reproductive health since 2004. Dr. Jey is also the director of Andrology Laboratory Services in Chicago.  He has a MS and PhD from the University of Minnesota, and a HCLD diploma from the American Board of Bioanalysis.  Dr. Jey’s primary area of interest is in the field of Andrology and male reproductive physiology.  Dr. Jey has over 325 publications that include peer reviewed research publications, medical textbooks and chapters, and trade publications.

Clinical Staff

We are proud to have been designated an American Society for Reproductive Medicine Nursing Center of Excellence 2016-2019, and working on 2020.

Denise Vulagmott, RN. Nurse Manager

Denise joined Dr. Seth Levrant and Partners in Reproductive Health in 1999 as the Nurse Manager and IVF Program Coordinator.  Denise successfully completed the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Nurse Certificate Course in June 2016.  Denise has also been a nurse at Ingalls Memorial Hospital since 1987 and still works part-time in Labor and Delivery. She has the unique opportunity to participate in the creation and delivery of our patient’s babies. Denise is an excellent patient educator and advocate.

Tricia Powers, RN

Tricia splits her time between fertility and allergy nursing.  Tricia joined Dr. Seth Levrant and Partners in Reproductive Health in 2012.   Tricia successfully completed the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Nurse Certificate Course in June 2016.  Tricia had been an infertility patient and has a unique bond with our patients.

Cathy Baugh, Medical Assistant

Cathy had years of experience as a phlebotomist and surgical tech at Ingalls Memorial Hospital before joining Partners in Reproductive Health in 2000. Cathy is an excellent phlebotomist and a great patient advocate and educator.

Dee Edwards, Ultrasonographer

Dee joined Partners in Reproductive Health in 2007 after completing her ultrasonographer training program. She left a few years ago to start her own medical ultrasonography consulting firm.  Dee helps out when the need arises and we’re fortunate to have her.

Andrew Roth, Office Manager

Andrew recently joined Partners in Reproductive Health and brings a wealth of knowledge in medical coding and auditing.

Lauren Levrant, BA, MA. Billing Office

Lauren joined Partners in Reproductive Health in 1998 and has been with Dr. Levrant since 1977.  Lauren and Andrew handle insurance verifications, billing questions, payment plans, etc.

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