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Why choose Partners in Reproductive Health and Seth Levrant MD?

What distinguishes us from the many other IVF centers in Chicago?  First and foremost is the philosophy of a partnership, a collaboration between you, the patient, and us, your providers.  Our mission is to work with you, to support you, to care for you in your quest to build your family.  We strive for that goal by providing individualized and compassionate care using leading technology and the highest level of fertility care.  We achieve our goal by being your neighborhood fertility center, not a big national or regional chain.  Our goal is comfort and familiarity, like the neighborhood family restaurant where you eat with friends and family, know all the staff, and can count on a great meal at an even greater price.

We attain that goal by providing “university-level” care.  What does that mean?  It means doing only those tests needed to determine your best treatment options based upon your unique circumstances.  It means explaining what those treatment options are, offering an honest estimate of what your success might be with each option, and helping you decide what is best for you.  It also means letting you know what obstacles may be in your way, such as obesity or smoking, how to remove or lessen those obstacles, and what that may mean for your overall success.

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